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Please browse the gallery below for all the images, videos and audio related to Ka odji madjisek: Where it begins. Click on an item to see an enlarged image with description or to play the video/audio clip.
Cultural site of the community located at the waterfront. We can see some trees, a small portion of beach, the lake and the forest in the distance. The sky is dark. A small hut where they smoke meat is on the right. Picture in color.
Summer landscape, Rapide-des-Cèdres. Coniferous and deciduous forest. A blue sky with some white shades and a stream (lake). Picture in color.
Fall landscape, Abitibi. A blue sky with white clouds. An island of coniferous and deciduous trees with yellow leaves. A lake in the vicinity with a dry portion (low tide) which lets see the ground of earth and rocks. Picture in color.
Pre-spring landscpae in Abitibi. A coniferous forest and snow on the ground. The sky is grey. Picture in color.
Grey Owl passing through Lac Simon with the leader of the band at the time. The chief is wearing a suit and Grey Owl is wearing a native headdress and a fringed skin suit. He is holding the chief by the shoulder. In the distance behind, we see a church steeple. Black and white picture.
A young couple sitting side by side on their wedding day. The man is wearing a suit and tie and the woman is wearing a long tulle dress and a veil over her head. Black and white picture.
Anicinabek newlywed couple on their wedding day. The man wears a suit. The woman wears a white dress with flowers in addition to a veil in her hair and a flower girl. Black and white picture.
An Anicinabe woman with a tanned skin in her hands. She wears a long dress and a scarf on her head. We see a portion of a camp behind her with tents and wooden supports. Black and white picture.
An Anicinabe woman sitting on the ground is stretching a beaver skin on a wooden support in the shape of a circle with the help of rope. Behind her, we see a bed. Picture in color.
Men watch another man fix a fish. They are sitting on an outside porch of a camp. Picture in color.
An Anicinabe man holds a traditional scraper in his hand near a hide he is working on. Another man is behind him and one at his side. They are near a lake. Black and white picture.
An anicinabe woman sitting in her bed at the sanatorium in St-Jean de Macamic. Black and white picture.
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