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Browse the gallery below to view our entire collection of images and videos, and discover rock climbing in the village of Val-David. Click on the various items to view larger images and read descriptions, or to listen and view video recordings.
Colour photo of a rock face on which have been drawn four red lines indicating four different climbing routes.
The covers of eight books concerning the history of Val-David and its region.
Eight climbers, all attached by ropes, ascending a rock face in Val-David.
Extract from a magazine: a cameraman atop a rock is filming a climber suspended in mid-air by ropes held by three people.
A woman sits on the top of a high rock. In the background is the countryside of Val-David.
A climber on a rock face in Val-David who, although attached by a rope, does not seem to have any other equipment.
A group of climbers on a rock face high in the forest. A cameraman and a belayer are at the summit; a woman is ascending the rock face.
Extract from La Presse announcing an excursion by a mountain club.
A climber hangs on with feet and hands in a crevasse on a rock face.
A climber on a rock face holding on to a rope.
Three climbers in winter, two on the rocky summit and a third still climbing up, against a background of snowbound countryside.
Two climbers linked by a rope, one already at the summit of the rock face.
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