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Browse the gallery below to view our entire collection of images and videos, and discover rock climbing in the village of Val-David. Click on the various items to view larger images and read descriptions, or to listen and view video recordings.
Close-up of a climber wearing safety glasses, brushes and other items attached to the harness around his waist. He is also holding a percussion drill in his hand.
Vintage photo of a climber hanging onto a rock face with hands and feet, against a background of sky and treetops.
Cover of the book, Escalades.
A page from a guide book about rock climbing featuring a drawing of a rock face with different routes indicated for reaching the summit.
A page in colour from Perspective Dimanche where we can be seen a cameraman suspended on a rock face.
Cover of the book Alpinisme au Québec. At left, the cover shows a climber on a rock face against a background of blue sky; on the right is a text about the author who is also the climber featured in the background, as well as a small portrait of him.
Vintage photo showing two men talking together; the man at left is pointing at something unseen in front of them.
Red and white logo of the McGill Outdoors Club with a drawing of a brown moose head in the centre.
A series of logos of the Canadian Alpine Club, from its beginning until today, including as its main symbols a bighorn sheep and a shield.
Various covers of posters and books promoting rock climbing in Val-David.
Page of black and white advertising from the Fédération Québécoise de la Montagne, with a man climbing the Mount Condor Needle and an accompanying text.
Black and white photo showing a group of about 20 people gathered in a room.
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