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Browse the gallery below to view our entire collection of images and videos, and discover rock climbing in the village of Val-David. Click on the various items to view larger images and read descriptions, or to listen and view video recordings.
Close-up of a young woman hanging on with hands and feet on a boulder only centimetres from the ground, where her crash pad can be seen below.
View of a climber on a brownish-orange rockface in a position demonstrating her lower-body and leg flexibility.
View of a young woman hanging on with hands and feet on the Mount Condor Needle, a huge brownish-orange rock formation some 23 metres in height.
A group photo of about 40 people during a celebration in a large room.
Close-up in colour of a climber against a background of the forest in its fall foliage.
Three close-up photos of a young woman hanging on to a rock with hands and feet, while executing different climbing moves.
Close-up in colour of a climber hanging on with hands and feet against a background of blue sky, a few clouds and the treetops.
A vintage photo of a climber suspended in mid-air, supported by straps and a short ladder, who is hammering in a piton against a background of sky and the treetops.
Two images: on the left in colour and on the right in black and white, each showing a climber executing what seems to be a difficult climbing move.
Six images showing various metal items and hammers used to secure climbers.
Four black and white portraits of climbers in the 1970s.
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