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Browse the gallery below to view our entire collection of images and videos, and discover rock climbing in the village of Val-David. Click on the various items to view larger images and read descriptions, or to listen and view video recordings.
A climber on a rock face being held by a double rope.
Two climbers, one at the top of the rock face holding a rope by means of which the second climber is still ascending.
Four people seated on the summit of a rock face.
John Brett and his wife in the forest in 1947; John is wearing a beret and holding a climbing rope.
A group of six climbers, both men and women, standing with helmets and ropes on a forest road.
Close-up of a climber wearing glasses.
Cover of the magazine Madame au Foyer. A lady is dressed in red and wears a white helmet and other climbing equipment, and the titles of various articles also appear.
Vintage postcard showing the Laurentian Sanatorium in 1915.
Anti-tuberculosis poster in colour featuring groups of needy people, including children, threatened by a skeleton wrapped in a shroud and holding a scythe.
Three climbers in the forest with their equipment, looking towards Mont Césaire.
Old photograph of a men standing on the locomotive of the train up North at St-Jérôme Station in 1876.
Survey plan from the 1920s of the hundreds of lots in the subdivision around Golden Lake.
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