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Browse the gallery below to view our entire collection of images and videos, and discover rock climbing in the village of Val-David. Click on the various items to view larger images and read descriptions, or to listen and view video recordings.
Couvertures de livres des parois de Val-David
Close-up of a woman hanging on with hands and feet to the underside of an overhang with some 15 metres of reach
View of the village of Val-David in 1929 showing the main street. the church and old cars.
Five pictures, side by side, of sports practiced in Sainte-Agathe around 1912.
Photo of a young woman attached to a yellow rope on a rock face, against a background of the forest in late fall.
Five people; one man attached to a rock face at a low height; three men and a woman observing from the ground.
Close-up of a young woman wearing a harness, helmet and safety glasses.
Close-up of a young woman with short hair wearing a light sweater.
View of a forested mountain in the distance with clearly visible rock walls.
A snippet of a brochure showing images of a lake and some landscape around Val-David.
Image of a film extract from the Fédération de a montagne et de l'escalade au Québec.
Man hanging by his feet in a rock roof.
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