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Please browse the gallery below for all the images, videos and audio related to The birth of Rouyn and Noranda: a mining story. Click on an item to see an enlarged image with description or to play the video/audio clip.
Colour photograph of seven people in front of the Horne smelter. They are costumed and carry a poster that reads in French Rouyn-Noranda provincial capital of pollution.
Black-and-white photograph, taken from a plane, of the burgeoning town of Rouyn located on the south shores of Osisko Lake. On the photo, you can see a street layout and the names of main streets : Portage, Perreault, Gamble, Principale et du Lac. Two important business, the Regal Theater and The General Store Dumulon are identified.
Colour photograph of four artifacts on a wooden box.
Black-and-white photograph of two cities build around a lake, separated by a vacant lot. In the background, you can see the smelter with three headframes and two smoking chimneys.
Album cover of Trésor Retrouvé by Réal V. Benoit on which we can see his face.
Black-and-white photograph of a street lined with two or three-story buildings on which there are signs for some of the stores’ name. You can see several people walking on the boardwalks as well as cars that are either parked or rolling.
Black-and-white photograph, taken from a plane, of Rouyn and Noranda in their early days. A lake is in the middle of the photo. It is hard to see details from this height, but you can still see that the city of Rouyn is more populated than its neighbour Noranda.
Black-and-white photograph of two log cabins with bars on the windows. A sign is put up on the door of the left building.
Black-and-white drawing of an obese woman in a floral dress standing in the doorway of a log cabin.
Black-and-white photograph of a gravel road where a car and a carriage are driving. People are walking on the boardwalks. The buildings have boomtown-styled fronts. A sign reads, Chong Lee Laundry Buanderie.
Black-and-white photograph of 25 people who parade before a crowd looking at them from the sidewalks. They’re marching in a parade with a sign that reads Slovakia decorated with the national coat of arms and a Slovakian flag.
Black-and-white photograph of a little boy on a bicycle, posing in front of a pile of planks and logs. In the background, you can see houses and a church.
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