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Please browse the gallery below for all the images, videos and audio related to The birth of Rouyn and Noranda: a mining story. Click on an item to see an enlarged image with description or to play the video/audio clip.
Black-and-white photograph of a theatre with both fixed and moveable chairs. On the stage there is an altar on which lies a tabernacle.
Black-and-white photograph of two buildings with boomtown-styled fronts. On one of them, there is a sign where it is written Regal Theatre. A crowd waits on the boardwalk in front of the building.
Black-and-white photograph of five adjacent buildings made of wooden planks. There are several cars travelling and people walking on the sidewalks.
Colour photograph of a white church with orthodox crosses overlooking two bulb-shaped steeples. Concrete stairs lead to the main door and to the back of the church.
Black-and-white photograph of about 70 people on stairs in front of a wood structure. There are two Catholic priests, a Roman priest and a Ukrainian priest.
Black-and-white photograph of a church with three steeples, three crosses and a front enclosed within a scaffold. In the foreground, you can see steps leading to the main doors.
Black-and-white photograph of about 50 people: 23 women, 24 men and a few children. One person is holding an accordion.
Black-and-white photograph of the construction of the Horne smelter. You can see a chimney in the middle, and many building materials in the foreground.
Black-and-white panoramic photograph of the Horne smelter. On the foreground, you can see several railroad tracks and about ten railcars labelled Canadian Pacific.
Black-and-white photograph of a worker wearing a protective mask and safety goggles while driving a car inside the Horne mine’s smelter. The picture looks blurred because of the gases, but you can see the steel structures.
Black-and-white photograph of 14 people, nine of whom are dressed in traditional Ukrainian clothing with five men in dapper suits.
Black-and-white map of the soon-to-be city of Noranda. The streets and the lots are rectilinear.
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