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We invite you to explore the documents, images, photographs and audio clips presented in the exhibit.
A black and white portrait of a delicately smiling woman wearing pearls.
Black and white portrait of a delicately smiling woman with a braided undo.
A printed invitation to the Cradle Club’s Bridge, Tea and Fashion Show, with a small illustration of a girl on a swing.
Memorabilia from the Cradle Club’s fundraising concert at Massey Music Hall in November 1932 including two photos, one of Canadian soprano Jeanne Mignolet, the other of French Canadian tenor George Dufresne, and a ticket stub.
Ticket from a Cradle Club fundraising event and a photo of the exterior of the Royal York Hotel.
White badge with blue stitching. Text reads: Association of Volunteers.
Advertisement clipping with profile picture of Miss Jean Williamson and a description of the product.
Event ticket for a performance of the Luigi Romanelli Orchestra as presented by the Cradle Club of Women's College Hospital, at the King Edward Hotel.
Female medical staff surround a patient on a bed in a room filled with medical equipment in a black and white photo.
Multiple cribs in a bright, open room in a hospital with a sink and mirror in the corner next to the door, in a black and white photo.
Ticket stub.
Pink button with question mark. Text reads: How can I help.
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