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We invite you to explore the documents, images, photographs and audio clips presented in the exhibit.
Women in matching overcoats stand before a table laden with preserves in a black and white photo.
Two women; one notes in a ledger, the other arranges a bouquet in a black and white photo.
In a black and white photo, a woman in volunteer coat holds sleeping baby wrapped in a blanket; two more women in the background.
A medical professional consults with a woman at a desk in front of a bay window in a black and white photo. Baby linens and knitted clothes are displayed on a side table on the right.
Photograph of original certificate dated April 1961 with a black ribbon and seal on top left corner.
Five young nurses pose on a staircase proudly holding babies wearing hats and wrapped in blankets in a black and white photo.
Promotional clipping listing the day and time of the radio broadcast with the channel and a short description of the show.
A clipping explaining that members needed at least 500 points for the year. Those who didn’t meet this had to pay 5 cents a point or resign from the club.
Nurses holding candles and carol books are lined up on the stairs in an old photo. One nurse leads them while another plays violin.
Announcement for a Cradle Club Supper Dance at the Royal York Hotel, November 17, 1933.
Women, children and nurses gather around long tables in a black and white photo. Balloons are hung and Santa stands before a large Christmas tree at the back of the room.
Peggy Beal seated on floor poses in tutu costume and gloves in a black and white photo.
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