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“Lovely gowns on pretty girls”

Memorabilia from the Cradle Club’s fundraising concert at Massey Music Hall in November 1932 including two photos, one of Canadian soprano Jeanne Mignolet, the other of French Canadian tenor George Dufresne, and a ticket stub.

Memorabilia from the Cradle Club’s fundraising concert at Massey Music Hall in November 1932.


To raise money for Women’s College Hospital, the Cradle Club organized social events, such as dances, teas, bridge games, and concerts. The events attracted young and wealthy members of Toronto society.

The Cradle Club’s first event took place on the evening of Friday March 11, 1932. It was a supper dance held in the luxurious Oak Room of the King Edward Hotel, a Toronto social landmark.

Exterior façade of the hotel with streetcars and carriages, and many people walking around.

The King Edward Hotel.

As society girls, the Cradle Club was aware that the public was interested in their personal lives. The members quickly became effective at using the media to draw attention to their charitable cause.

Society pages eagerly reported on the upcoming dance. One newspaper predicted that it was to be “one of the week’s most interesting functions” in Toronto. Some newspaper columns even speculated on what club members would wear to the dance. As a result, the Cradle Club had no problem selling tickets to its first event.

The dance attracted over 200 young people. It was declared a “smart event” by the society pages – meaning that it was very fashionable.

During its first year in operation, the Cradle Club maintained a very ambitious fundraising schedule – holding one large social event each month.


Black and white profile headshot of Isabelle Yalkovsky wearing a dark dress with light collar and pearl earrings.

Hand signed portrait of Isabelle Yalkovsky dedicated to the Cradle Club.