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“Says this prominent club and society member”

Advertisement clipping with profile picture of Miss Jean Williamson and a description of the product.

Tangee face powder advertisement featuring Miss Jean Williamson.


The Cradle Club took a very novel approach to fundraising when it agreed to promote its charitable cause through paid endorsements of consumer products – in this case, cosmetics.

In 1935, Tangee, an American cosmetic company, asked the members of the Cradle Club to take part in a Toronto-based print advertising campaign. In exchange for a small donation to the club, the members appeared in a series of ads endorsing a new product on the market – Tangee face powder. As society girls, the members of the Cradle Club were perfect spokespersons for the cosmetics company.

Since the advertisements were published in popular women’s magazines, the print campaign provided the Cradle Club with an excellent opportunity to promote its charitable work a larger female audience.


Advertisement clipping with picture of Mrs. Gordon Neill and promotional text.

Tangee face powder advertisement featuring Mrs. Gordon Neill.