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“Cradle Club exceeds hope”

Five nurses in uniform hold swaddled babies beside a large table in a black and white photo.

Nurses holding babies.

In these days it’s encouraging to hear of an organization of enthusiastic young people setting out to raise money for some worthy cause, and not only realizing but far surpassing the objective they had set themselves.

Toronto Telegram, December 10, 1932.

Only ten months after announcing its two-year fundraising objective, the Cradle Club not only met its goal – but also exceeded it!

To celebrate, a tea was held on the afternoon of Saturday December 10, 1932 at the home of Mrs. Norman Beal. About one hundred guests gathered to share in the excitement. The guest list included the Cradle Club members, their mothers, hospital board members, and the entire medical staff.

Clipping of invitation announcing the presentation of hospital equipment with address, date and time.

Invitation to a tea and presentation organized by the Cradle Club.

A large china baby doll sleeping in an infant’s crib greeted guests in the home’s foyer. The Cradle Club outfitted the doll in handmade clothing. It served as an example of what each newborn at Women’s College Hospital would receive courtesy of the club. Members proudly displayed the more than 600 articles of handmade babies’ clothing and bedding that the group had made.

The highlight of the event was the cheque presentation ceremony. Peggy Beal presented the hospital superintendent, Harriet Meiklejohn, with a cheque for $800 in a “charming” beaded bag. She announced that the money would be used to furnish a new 20-cot public nursery and to purchase much needed laboratory equipment for the obstetrics department.


Multiple cribs in a bright, open room in a hospital with a sink and mirror in the corner next to the door, in a black and white photo.

The new public nursery in Women’s College Hospital at 76 Grenville Street.