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We invite you to explore the documents, images, photographs and audio clips presented in the exhibit.
A black and white photo of women in lab-coats engaged in a variety of tasks. An older woman looks on as a younger woman works on a machine. Another woman appears to be washing up at a sink.
A typed letter.
Women and Reproductive Health infographic.
A black and white page featuring text and graphics depicting various professions.
A black and white portrait of an older woman, dressed elegantly.
A frame from a black and white video of women in lab coats learning from an older woman.
Summer Student Research Day poster.
A black and white photo of a two story house. In the background looms the hospital.
A coloured photo of a smiling woman.
A black and white photo of a young woman wearing a sari acessing a medical supply cupboard.
A black and white photo of two women in lab-coats speaking with an older man in a dress shirt and tie.
A black and white photo of a woman in a lab coat pouring a clear liquid from one beaker to another. She is framed by two other women in the foreground.
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