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We invite you to explore the documents, images, photographs and audio clips presented in the exhibit.
2012 Graduate Student Research Day poster.
A coloured photo of a smiling woman.
Two women examine a brochure; a large sign on the wall by them reads The Centre for Research in Women's Health.
A black and white photo of six older women posing in formal hats and coats.
A woman holding a trophy, smiling.
A black and white photo of women in lab-coats engaged in a variety of tasks. An older woman looks on as a younger woman works on a machine. Another woman appears to be washing up at a sink.
A coloured exterior photo of Women's College Hospital; the building features a large pink glass cube.
A coloured photo of a woman posing in front of a large poster board.
A black and white photo of a woman in a suit adjusting a piece of medical equipment.
Women and Violence infographic.
A coloured photo of an older woman wearing a lab coat looking down a hallway by a sign reading psoriasis education & research centre.
A black and white photo of three people in scrubs, posing by an operating table. Their eyes are smiling.
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