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Map representing priority areas for tourism development in the regions of the Bas-Saint-Laurent, the Gaspé Peninsula and the Maritimes. The development zones are divided by a blue line. There is the Témiscouata, Trois-Pistoles, Le Bic, the coast between Métis-sur-Mer and Grande-Vallée, Les Chic-Chocs, Presqu'île and Forillon, Percé and the southern section formed of Saint-Omer and Carleton.
Black and white photograph of the Gîte du Mont-Albert in 1950. The inn is an imposing rectangular building of 3 stories in the heart of a coniferous forest. The pronounced angle of the double slope roof gives it an architectural style that is somewhere between that of a Swiss chalet and a manor house.
Cover page of The Black Whale cook book. The cover is printed on bright red sturdy paper and shows the drawing of a black whale. A thin black band that suggests waves divides the page in half. It reads, The Black Whale Cook Book: Fine Old Recipes from the Gaspé Coast Going Back to Pioneer Days. Compiled by Mrs. Ethel Renouf - 1948
Black and white photograph of a man and a boy on the roadside. The man and the child are dressed in white shirt and black trousers held up by suspenders. Behind the boy wooden boats are placed on the top of a poster on which is written For Sale.
Post card. Hand-painted photography. A woman is sitting on the porch of a house. She paints a winter scene on a canvas whose base is resting on her lap. Near her, six handmade carpets are placed on a fence and a frame, a winter scene is hung on the outside wall of the house. In the opening of the door, a young boy watches his mother stitching a carpet.
Cover of the tourist pamphlet of Metis Beach. On an orange background is written, in an alternation of black and white for relaxing, healthy summer holidays on the scenic Gaspé coast come to Metis Beach Quebec invigorating sea - air free from hayfever summer sports golf - tennis - swimming. A black and white photograph of a young woman in a bathing suit sitting on the beach divides the text into two sections.
Under a cloudy sky, more than fifty aluminum caravans, the same model Airstream Clipper are aligned in several rows in a field of the city of Mont-Joli.
Black and white photograph of a series of tourist cabins in Percé. A 1933 car is parked in front of the first cabin.
A dozen people pose on the gallery of a two-storey house with a cedar shingle roof. The house is decorated with two figureheads. One, the bust of a man, was installed on the top of an observation tower that protrudes from the centre of the roof. The second is a life-sized sculpture of a woman, dressed in a light white dress and installed on the roof of the gallery above the main door. Letters have been placed on the same roof to indicate the name of the inn: Old Inn Hotel Restaurant Hotel la Vieille Auberge
The cover of the pamphlet from 1951 for Gaspé Tours presents an engraving of the view of Percé Rock from the coast. The brochure is promoting the tour of Gaspésie in 4 days for $90 from Mont-Joli back to Mont-Joli.
Cover of a tourist pamphlet of the American Express travel agency. The pamphlet presents 5 destinations on the east coast: Cape Cod, Gaspé, New England, Nova Scotia and Virginia/Gettysburg. Each destination is represented by a bucolic watercolour representing the typical landscape of each region.
Cover of a tour guide La Gaspésie is drawn in black and white on a pastel green background representing the St. Lawrence River. All villages along the route of Route 6 have been identified. In the top, La Gaspésie is written in big letters. Below, a photograph of Percé Rock is presented in a triangular shape. At the bottom of the page is written This booklet is published by l’Association des Hôteliers de la Gaspésie.
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