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The Gaspé Tour rapidly achieved recognition in Quebec, across Canada and around North America for its stunning views and remarkable roadways. It was the road trip par excellence. The Gaspé was exotic enough to be an adventure, familiar enough to be safe. These twin assets helped build a tourism industry that flourished then and continues to grow.

Wonderland of Gaspé, 1935 (subtitling available). Watch the video with the transcript.

The Gaspésie remains one of Quebec’s best-known tourism regions, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors, summer and winter. The roots of the region’s success remain its geography, offering a tour where most other driving holidays offer a dead-end. With the shoreline as a constant companion, the tour is never dull. There are moments of excitement and opportunities for discover. Over time tourism entrepreneurs and cultural pioneers have built on the natural attractions to create a new offer of tourism attractions, museums, historic houses, events and festivals. The popularity of the destination was foretold when the first tourists took to the new Gaspé highway in 1929. Today, the Gaspé offers something for every visitor.