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Please browse the gallery below for all the images and video related to the exhibition. Click on an item to see an enlarged image with description or to play the video clip.
1929 newspaper clippon presenting 6 photographs of the inauguration trip of Boulevard Perron by Quebec Prime Minister, Louis-Alexander Taschereau. Photograph 1 shows a group of 6 men posing in front of a gallery. Photo 2 is a photograph of 3 men and a woman. The woman shakes the hand of a man facing her. Photo3 shows a group of 6 people and a baby at Metis Beach. Photo 4 is the interior view of the port of Gaspé. Photo 5 chows Jumelle Falls, a 150-meter drop that flows along a rock face. Photo 6 shows a view of Percé Rock from the village of Percé. In the foreground we can see some rustic houses along a road. No article accompanies the photographs, there is only the description of the photographs.
Image from the generic introduction from the short film Wonderland of Gaspé. In the background we can see a coastal landscape drawn. In the foreground stand two mature pine trees. In the background a coastal landscape represents the typical landscape of Gaspé. On this drawins it is written Wonderlan of Gaspé Northern Electric Wide Range Recording Produced by Associated Screen News Limited Toronto.
Set of 12 souvenir photographs by the photographer H.V. Henderson, sold in cardboard packaging on which is written: Over & Around the Hill of Gaspé P.Q. on St. Lawrence Coast. Route 6 - 12 choice Real Photos for 25 cents – For you view album or mailing to friends.
The photograph was taken from a point of view that allows us to see the village of Percé in the 1930s and the dirt road leading to it. There are some boats near the shoreline and in the distance the Percé Rock and Bonaventure Island. In the foreground, two women look in our direction and a third person admires the landscape.
Cover page of the Gaspésie booklet produced by the Ministry of Roads. The cover is illustrated by a romantic image of the Gaspésie. In a sunset, a 1930s model car advances on a road that crisscrosses the foot of the immense coastal cliffs of Gaspésie.
Black and white photography of Rocher Percé. This is one of the most popular viewpoints. The photograph is taken from a high point, at a distance from the Rock, giving a view of the village of Percé, Bonaventure Island and Rocher Percé. The trees on both sides of the photographs create a natural frame of the landscape.
Colour photograph of the title page of the tourist guide Along the Quebec Highways. It is written: Along Quebec Highways Tourist Guide. Published by the Department of Highways and Mines (Provincial Tourism Bureau), February 1930. Names of officials: Minister J. E. Perrault, Deputy Minister J. L. Boulanger and Secretary Arthur Bergeron.
Black and white photograph of a car driving Perron Boulevard. The road follows a steep slope lined with flat rocks, leaving the impression of a recent landslide.
Cover of a tourist pamphlet. In the upper part of the page, drawing of two young women standing on a cart drawn by an ox. A man helps one of the women get off the cart while the other controls the ox with a rope. The farmer observes the scene while smoking a pipe. In the background, the village of Perce and Percé Rock dominates the background. At the bottom of the pamphlet, two fashionable dressed young women walk across a map of the province of Quebec towards the Gaspésie. Near them a box proclaims: Have you ever had a French Canadian vacation?.
Canadian National Railways advertisement printed in a National Geographic magazine. The headline reads: French Canada’s Romantic Gaspé Just like a trip abroad. Below the title, a photograph of Percé Rock, the Percé coast and fishing boats. On the beach, a horse pulls a fishing boat out of the water. On the right side of the page is the logo of the Canadian National Railway and on the right is a photograph of a woman painting outdoor above Percé Rock.
Poster of the Gaspé Peninsula, with a simple and modern graphic design. In the foreground, a man on the beach leans on a sailboat. At his feet an anchor lies on the beach. In a luminous atmosphere of a sunset, the man observes the Percé Rock, massive and imposing, giving the impression of being an immense liner that advances in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. In the blue sky above the rock is written: La Péninsule de Gaspé Peninsula.
Cover of the first edition of the Michelin Guide. On a green forest green background, the Michelin tire mascot is wearing a coat with bangs. He is wearing snowshoes and a fur hat. Behind him is a log cabin in an evergreen forest near a lake on which there is a canoe and logs. In the background, a chain of mountains.
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