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Please browse the gallery below for all the images and video related to the exhibition. Click on an item to see an enlarged image with description or to play the video clip.
Page 265 of the book Along Quebec Highways presenting the new Perron Boulevard, 553.20 miles around the Gaspé Peninsula.
Illustration of the cover of the English magazine Motoring in the Province of Quebec. The red-coloured monochrome illustration presents the bucolic image of a rural village on the Gaspé Peninsula. A horse pulls a cart with two wheels, on which stands a man. The horse is following a road through a village of old country houses. A small church dominates the village.
Photograph in black and white of a two-story house at the entrance of a seaside village. The house is on the beach strangely tilted on one side, it appears that it has been moved on the beach side of the road by the waves.
Photograph showing the winding Boulevard Perron in the municipality of Marsoui. Perron Boulevard crosses a rocky cape and is bordered by a white painted wooden fence.
Photograph of the old wooden Bridge at Grand-Métis circa 1925. The bridge is located about 1 km from the mouth of the Metis River. Both sides of the river present a forest landscape and wharf. A schooner is moored at the mouth of the river and offers a glimpse of the expanse of the St. Lawrence River.
Postcard showing a car rolling on the gravel surface of the Perron Boulevard around 1930. The Perron Boulevard runs along the foot of a steep mountain and the bank of the St. Lawrence River near Sainte-Anne-des-Monts.
Cover of a colored brochure titled Quebec The Good Roads Province brochure. The illustration shows a coastal village on the Gaspé Peninsula. In the foreground, a young couple seems to be coming back from fishing, the man carries and de woman an oar. Behind them, a car passes through the village and in the background some rustic houses are clustered around a church at the foot of a mountain. The words Fishing, Bathing, Hunting and Resorts are found at the top and bottom. The credit reads Provincial Tourist Bureau Department of Highways and mines Quebec, Canada.
Sepia photograph of a car on the Boulevard Perron consisting of a gravel road winding at the foot of a huge rocky cape in the narrow passage between the cliff and the sea. A simple wooden fence separates the road from the shoreline
Black and white photograph of a beach. A dozen people pose, men in suits and women in long dresses, some wearing umbrellas. A sailboat and other small boats leave the shore. In the background are some rustic houses at the foot of a mountain.
A forest landscape crossed by a river. At the bottom of the photograph, two native men are handling a canoe with poles. On the bank of the river we can see a teepee and, in the distance, some rustic houses at the foot of two hills.
This brochure of the Quebec Steamship Co. is illustrated with a maritime scene. A steamer and some small sailing boats approach the shoreline in front of Percé Rock.
Black and white photograph of a painting of the Ocean Limited train pulling passenger wagons. The railway runs along the bank of the Matapedia River. The background is composed of a series of mountains superimposed on each side of the river, the landscape typical of the Matapedia Valley.
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