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Please browse the gallery below for all the images and video related to the exhibition. Click on an item to see an enlarged image with description or to play the video clip.
Draw in black ink route No. 6 from Ste-Anne-des-Monts to Gaspé. Along the route, we find the name of all the villages and rivers that we meet.
Colour photograph of two salmon passing in front of the observation window of the Matane fish ladder.
A man, a woman and a child observe a map of the Gaspésie. The map is approximately 4 feet high by 8 feet wide. Located outdoors near the Matane lighthouse, it reads: Ville de Matane ‘Métropole de la Gaspésie.
Black and white photograph of the Matane lighthouse, transformed into a tourist information office. Perron Boulevard occupies the foreground of the photograph. The lighthouse and the keeper’s house are located on the right side of the image. On the lighthouse is written: Bienvenue dans la Gaspésie. A poster on the lighthouse mentions: Berceau de la Nouvelle-France. A huge map of Gaspésie is displayed near the lighthouse.
Black and white photograph. In a convertible Buick, two women, Eleanor Roosevelt and her friend Lorena Hickok, are about to depart. The car is parked at the front of the La Belle Plage hotel in Matane. A doorman and bellboy from the hotel are waiting for the departure of their distinguished guests.
Black and white photograph of the tee off of the golf course of the Cascade Golf Club. Twenty individuals dressed in the fashion of 1914 wait for the tee off on a course. Some women are sitting on the lawn. In the background, a two-storey cottage with simple Victorian architecture.
Black and white photograph of a tennis court in Metis Beach. A high fence surrounds the tennis court. Men, wearing white trousers and a white shirt, and women, wearing a long white skirt and a white shirt with long sleeves and hat, are playing tennis. On the left side is the club house of the Cascade Golf and Tennis Club.
Black and white photograph of the entrance to Parc Metis. A man and a woman observe the sign at the entrance of the site, near Highway 132.
Portrait of George Parmenter. The elderly man, dressed in a jacket and tie, stands with his camera in his hand, near a white post on which it is written M224. In the background the beach of Sainte-Flavie and the sea.
Black and white photograph of the artist Suzanne Guité working on a drawing with her husband as model, artist Alberto Tommi. The couple is sitting at the foot of a tree on top of a mountain. Behind them is a magnificent landscape at the bottom of the mountain the village of Percé as well as Percé Rock.
Black and white photograph of the gannet population and their chicks. More than a thousand birds occupy the cliffside of Bonaventure Island.
Black and white photograph of a rocky cliff of impressive height. At the top of it is the tiny silhouette of a man. In the background the vast sweep of the Gulf of St. Lawrence.
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