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Please browse the gallery below for all the images and video related to the exhibition. Click on an item to see an enlarged image with description or to play the video clip.
Black and white photograph of the Matapedia River that descends the Matapedia Valley winding between the mountains and forest of evergreen trees.
The front cover of the Restigouche Hotel brochure in the Matapedia Valley. The flyer includes a photograph in an oval frame of the hotel, a four-storey red brick square building and a photograph of the meeting of the Restigouche and Matapedia rivers. It also presents the activities on offer: salmon pools, moose and deer hunting and trout fishing.
Black and white photograph taken along route 132 in the village of Routhierville in the Matapedia Valley. The road crosses a landscape of forests and mountains. On the right side of the photograph, a fishing club is perched on top of a hillock. On the side of the road sign indicates Cold Spring Camp, Private and No Admission
Black and white portrait of four Mi'gmaq children in front of a roadside kiosk selling basketry.
Black and white studio portrait of the singer La Bolduc. She is wearing a long black dress. She is standing in the middle of the picture, leaning on a chair in the Victorian style, in front of a painted background of classical style.
Black and white photograph of the oratory on Mont Saint-Joseph. The oratory is a stone building with a central bell tower on the front with a double slope metal roof. The oratory was built at the top of Mont Saint-Joseph. In front a crowd gathers as part of a celebration.
Black and white photograph of the Cap-des-Rosiers lighthouse. In a bay, a family is looking for clams on the beach. In the background, on a rocky cape, you can see the Cap-des-Rosiers lighthouse.
Drawing of the cover page of Tauck Tours advertising brochure. On a roadway ribbon is written, Personally Conducted Vacation Tours All Expense Included by Tauck splits the page into five sections. Each section offers a popular destination in Canada and the United States. We find among others Percé Rock and Niagara Falls.
Black and white photograph from a height of land, showing the village of Percé, some fishing boats in the bay, Percé Rock and in the distance, Bonaventure Island.
Black and white photograph of a group of people in front of a passenger bus in 1932. Behind the bus, you can see some houses in the village of Percé and the mountains that form the coast. On the bus is written Montreal Vancouver Coast to Coast New York Los Angeles.
Black and white photograph of the work on the Trans-Gaspésien road. In a forest landscape, on a steep slope, construction workers operate heavy machinery to do the road preparation work.
Colour photograph of booklet cover. The cover reads: Esquisse sur la Gaspésie par J. C. Langelier, Lévis, Mercier & Cie, Propriétaires du quotidien, 1886. The cover is made of a thin paper yellowed by acidity and time.
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