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Explore the gallery to view the images and listen to the audio related to Royal Engineer to Reeve: The Life and Times of Philip Jackman.
A rural gravel road runs alongside the Bickles farmhouse. The road is lined by a wooden fence that transitions to a large red gate in front of the country home. The gate has white text on it that reads, “Lower Whiddon.”
A large closed white wooden gate with “Leasefields” written on it sits in the foreground. The gate is blocking the pathway of a gravel country road that runs through a wooded area.
Tom Pope stands in a grass field that has an impression of an old trail in the grass. There are two large trees and a wooden fence visible in the background.
A muster list document with text written in black and red ink. The document records the names of new recruits, ranks, transfers, deaths, desertions, and other comments. The document lists Philip Jackman as a new recruit.
A painting of gold miners in a cedar cabin. Two individuals in the foreground are cooking over an open fire. Three men in the back are playing cards at a table.
A muster list document with text written in black and red ink that lists rank, company, remarks on muster, rate of pay, number of days in lieu of beer and other comments.
A black and white studio portrait photograph of Governor James Douglas wearing a medal around his neck and an ornate badge on the front of his jacket.
A black and white studio portrait of Sir Edward Bulwer-Lytton sitting on a decorative chair next to a side table with two books on it.
A black and white oval shaped bust portrait of Dr. John Vernon Seddall, dressed in a formal military outfit with an assortment of medals and achievements across his chest. Seddall has slick parted hair and a large beard.
An 1858 newspaper clipping from The Cork Daily Reporter. The report discusses the departure of Royal Engineers and non-commissioned officers to Canada with their plans to begin development of a railway in British Columbia.
A black and white studio portrait of Captain Henry Reynolds Luard with a large beard. Luard is wearing a military uniform and has his left arm bent across the front of his body, and his right hand on his coat, which is laying on top of a small table.
A 1907 facsimile of the first page of an original, handwritten issue of The Emigrant Soldiers’ Gazette and Cape Horn Chronicle from January 15, 1859.
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