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Explore the gallery to view the images and listen to the audio related to Royal Engineer to Reeve: The Life and Times of Philip Jackman.
A sepia toned studio portrait photograph of Philip Jackman Junior and Anna Caroline Jackman (née Wadel). The two are seated on separate chairs and Philip has his right arm behind Anna, on the back of her chair. Anna is wearing a white dress and hat and Philip Jr. is wearing a suit.
A black and white photograph of downtown Aldergrove circa 1900. A dirt road runs through the small town that has buildings on both sides of the road.
A public works report that describes work completed in New Westminster, Hope, Yale, Brownsville, Murraysville, and Langley. The document lists Philip Jackman as the foreman for work done on a section of road that runs from Murray’s Hill to Sumas Prairie.
A black and white photograph of Murray’s Corners from the Old Yale Road in Langley. The road goes up a hill and is lined with wooden fences on both sides. There are four large buildings at the top of the hill.
A colour photograph of the Langley Council’s Minute book for the years 1896 to 1899. The book has a blue cover with a yellowed spine and corners.
One printed page that is titled, “Fisheries Commissioner’s Report.” It records transcriptions of questions and answers relating to fishing on the Fraser River, which includes answers provided by Philip Jackman.
A black and white studio bust portrait of an elderly Philip Jackman with white hair and a beard. Jackman is wearing a striped suit, a dark vest, and a light coloured collared shirt.
A black and white photograph of a group of people standing in front of the Davidson and Riddell Store at Murray’s Corner, Langley. The store is a large wooden two storey building. The group consists of two horse drawn carriages, one person on horseback, and ten others sitting and standing in front of the building.
A sepia toned photograph of an elderly man standing beside a wooden table with a three tiered cake on it.
A black and white photograph of a man holding a small boy in his arms and a small girl standing beside him. The small girl has on hand on the man’s leg. There is a clothing line strung above the people with a few articles of clothing hanging from it on the right side.
A black and white photograph of a woman holding a small boy in her arms standing in the grass in front of a house.
A sepia toned photograph of a man sitting on a chair with a boy and a girl sitting on his lap. There is a woman standing behind them with a building visible in the background.
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