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Explore the gallery to view the images and listen to the audio related to Royal Engineer to Reeve: The Life and Times of Philip Jackman.
An 1876 Voters’ list for New Westminster City. The list records voters’ names, city of residence, profession, and nature of qualification. The voter’s list notes Philip Jackman as a gardener and resident of New Westminster City.
A newspaper clipping of an advertisement for The Beehive Saloon in the February 28, 1880 issue of the Mainland Guardian. The advertisement states that the saloon, which was recently purchased by P. Jackman, sells liquor, cigars, and newspapers.
A photograph of three men standing and one man seated in front of The Grotto Saloon in New Westminster. A sign visible in one of the windows reads, “Beer Wine Spirits.”
A newspaper clipping of an article from the Mainland Guardian that consists of a letter written by Philip Jackman on November 18, 1879. In the letter, Jackman contests the City Council’s decision to not grant him one month’s pay for his termination as night watchman and lamp lighter.
A sepia toned bust studio portrait photograph of a young man with a moustache.
A black and white photograph of William Henry Vanetta and another man standing on planks that are protruding from the sides of a large tree. Both of the men have a hand resting on the handle of a double edged axe. There is a long whipsaw leaning on the front of the tree.
A black and white group portrait photograph of six approximate rows of formally dressed men, women, and children.
A black and white photograph of the Jackman’s first Aldergrove house. The house is light coloured with a wooden shingle roof, a picket fence on the left side, and a wooden fence in front of the house. Jackman and a light coloured dog are standing in front of the house.
A government document with a diagram of Philip Jackman’s plot of land in Aldergrove. The document shows a pink square parcel of land inside of a larger square. Above the diagram is handwritten text that reads, “Philip Jackman (Snr.).”
A black and white photograph of a man holding a cane standing in front of a house. The front of the house has five stairs that lead to the entrance of the house. There is a dog sitting in front of the door of the entrance.
A black and white photograph of six men, one woman, and one boy standing in front of Shortreed’s Store. The store is a large wooden building with a front patio that leads to the front door that has a window on each side of it. There are two additional doors visible along the back right side of the building.
A black and white photograph of a wide dirt road with buildings on both sides of it. There is a person standing outside the entrance of two buildings on the right and a group of people visible down the road near an old automobile.
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