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Explore the gallery to view the images and listen to the audio related to Royal Engineer to Reeve: The Life and Times of Philip Jackman.
A sepia toned photograph of an elderly man standing beside a wooden table with a three tiered cake on it.
A photograph of a four-sided headstone in a graveyard. The left side of the headstone commemorates the life of Sarah Ann Lovegrove and the right side commemorates Philip Jackman.
A black and white group photograph of one woman and 15 men formally dressed and organized into three rows. The bottom row includes an elderly Philip Jackman who stands on the left. The first row also includes three men standing and one man and one woman seated. The back two rows consist of five men each standing on steps.
A newspaper clipping from the October 28, 1927 issue of The British Columbian that is an obituary headline that reads, “Pioneer Philip Jackman Passes at Home of Daughter in Surrey Municipality Aged 92.”
A newspaper clipping of an article from the October 31, 1927 issue of The British Columbian with a headline that reads, “Big Crowd at Funeral of Pioneer. Remains of Philip Jackman Laid to Rest in Aberdeen Cemetery.”
A black and white photograph of a group of two girls, two boys, and an elderly man beside a tent in front of a house. All are standing except for one boy on the right who is kneeling and petting a dog.
A colour photograph of men, women, and children gathered around a commemorative stone with text engraved into it. The text on the stone reads, “Philip Jackman Park.”
A watercolour bust portrait painting of a bearded elderly man wearing a brown brimmed hat.
The cover of the book, “The Last of the Royal Engineers in British Columbia: Philip Jackman” by Virginia Cooke. The cover has a watercolour bust portrait painting of a bearded elderly man wearing a brown brimmed hat.
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