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Welcome to the Portraits of Our Ancestors gallery, which includes all the images and videos from the exhibition highlighting various builders of the history of Château-Richer and its region. By clicking on the items, you can enlarge the images and read the description or view the filmed interviews conducted for the exhibition.
Colour photo of the inside of a church. The baptismal font in the centre of the photo consists of a huge seashell with a base carved in wave-like patterns. Behind it on the wall, several sculpted and painted tableaus depict scenes from the Bible in which water and waves are a key motif.
Black and white archival photo. A man sculpts the foot of a large wooden statue in a workshop where drawings and woodworking tools can be seen.
Colour photo of a large, golden-coloured statue of the Virgin Mary wearing a crown and standing on a dragon, her hands clasped in prayer. Behind the pedestal-mounted statue, a multi-storey building can be seen.
Black and white archival photo. Two men are seen standing in front of a building consisting of two sections. A sign above the door on the single-storey part on the left reads “L. JOBIN.” The two-storey section on the right is the home. The man on the left is accompanied by two young children.
Black and white archival photo. A man leans against the foot of a statue that stands several times his height. The white sculpture of the Virgin Mary has a crown of stars, and her hands are clasped in prayer. The statue is mounted on a pedestal built directly into the rock.
Colour photo of a large wooden sculpture depicting (from left to right) Joseph, Jesus, and Mary. The sculpture is mounted on a pedestal in a dark, ornately decorated chapel.
Black and white archival map showing Côte-de-Beaupré, the St. Lawrence River, and Île d’Orléans. It illustrates bodies of water, identified by name, as well as land use as shown by the presence of lots—long, horizontal strips of land perpendicular to the river bearing their owners’ names.
Colour photograph of a two-storey heritage home built directly on the ground. The home has two chimneys, one at either end of its gabled roof that features four dormer windows at the front. The stone walls are covered for the most part with pale-coloured plaster, while the façade has more exposed stones. There are five windows and two doors on the main floor, painted a pale green colour.
Black and white archival document on two hand-penned pages describing the marriage contract between Anne Cloutier and Robert Drouin. There are several signatures and marks on the bottom of the second page.
Archival ink drawing showing a plan view of the heart of the village of Château-Richer. From bottom to top, we can see the St. Lawrence River, the shoreline, Chemin du Roy, the hillside, and the plateau. The drawing features all the land and buildings in the village, including the convent, windmill, presbytery, seigneurial manor, church, and the villagers’ homes.
Three-page archival manuscript document describing the lease of a land concession to Claude Bouchard by Olivier Letardif. The text, penned in ink, contains a number of signatures at the bottom. The paper itself is yellowed and stained in places.
Graphite-on-paper drawing of a bearded man dressed in period costume, as imagined by the artist. It depicts the frontal view of a man standing on a pedestal. He is wearing a wide-brimmed, feather-topped hat; a ruffled shirt; a long frockcoat open at the front; breeches; white stockings; and shoes. He is holding a roll of parchment in his right hand.
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