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Please browse the gallery below to discover the images and the video of Fish Stories. Click on an image to see an enlarged version with description or to play the video clip.
Hand written letter dated of july 5th 1939, written by the wife of Governeur General of Canada Lord Tweedsmuir, Susie Tweedsmuir
Lithography of a bucolic landscape in which two characters observe the Mitis River Falls from the top of a rock on the left side of the river.
View of the mouth of the Metis River showing the old wooden bridge, the remains of the wharf of the Price Brothers Company, a schooner and the mast at the belvedere of Estevan Lodge.
Aerial view of the Estevan Lodge during the 1940s
Pottery shards form the Middle Woodland period (2,400 to 1,500 years before present)
Fragments of white bones and mussel shells from the early 1800s.
Four grey stone tools, not yet worked into a final form
Lord Tweedsmuir fishing standing in a canoe on the Metis River
Silver print of the back of Estevan Lodge showing an adjacent building toppped by a eolian
Robert W. Reford and Maryon Reford sitting in the forest along theMetis river
Silver print showing Elsie Reford standing in a canoe at the river's edge. She is wearing a mid-length skirt, a white blouse, and a large elegant hat. She appears to be pulling on a large fishing pole. A man at the front of the canoe is lifting a large fish from the river with a long pole and hook.
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