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Fishing Equipment

Fishing is a sport of precision. The best fishermen are able to cast with a degree of accuracy that is remarkable. Much of this precision is possible because of the equipment used. Made by specialized manufacturers, fishing equipment combines exquisite craftsmanship with durability. Because it is used outdoors and frequently, every part has to be carefully made from the finest materials.

Spring scale dates from 1905 with his leather holster.

Spring scale and leather case with the initials E.R., for Elsie Reford

The equipment purchased by the Refords was among the best available on the market at the time. Made by manufacturers in England, Scotland and the United States, their fishing gear was top of the line. Most of it is still in perfect condition, a century after it was originally purchased and after decades of regular use.

Fishing Reel stamped and Leather Box embossed with Elsie Reford initals, E. S. R..

Fishing reel and leather case with the initials E.S.R. for Elsie Stephen Reford

Fishing antiques are very collectible because of the craftsmanship of the instruments and the precision with which the metal, brass and ivory were assembled to create beautiful tools. There are many passionate collectors for whom these objects have a special attraction. Several museums, like the Cascapedia River Museum, are dedicated to the history of salmon fishing and display collections of unique objects assembled by collectors and donors.

Special leather belt that was designed to hold the butt of the rod

Fishing belt