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Please browse the gallery below for all the images, videos and audio related to A Glimpse of the Guard: The Stories Behind the Calgary Fire Department Honour Guard. Click on an item to see an enlarged image with description or to play the video/audio clip.
Dennis McIvor, standing on lawn in front of white and blue house, dressed for Honour Guard duty, in original Number 1 dress with tie tucked in.
Several Honour Guard members march in full dress, leading a yellow fire engine at the front of Morley James' funeral procession.
Map, showing the route of Morley James' funeral procession beginning at First Alliance Church, going along Glenmore trail, turning right onto Elbow Drive, right onto 68 avenue, and back to the church.
CFD Honour Guard load the casket of Kevin Olson, a Yellowknife firefighter, onto the ceremonial pumper with Olson's casket, while unformed firefighters and Mounties stand to attention and salute.
Honour Guard marches in full dress uniform at Tribute Plaza in front of old city hall, holding ceremonial swords and axes.
A large, hanging bell is held and rung by two Honour Guards in full dress uniform and white gloves, in front of the memorial at Tribute Plaza, City Hall
Guardsman Blaine Gray at pre-Memorial ceremony looks downward in a moment of reflection.
Guardsman John Judge in full uniform and white gloves holds black ceremonial helmet with yellow patches at Tribute Plaza with chief and crowd in background.
Two Honour Guard Members and a piper from Pipes and Drums, all in full uniform, laugh as they talk together.
Close up of flag bearer from left shoulder patch to white cap, in ¾ profile, showing white gloved right hand holding flag pole upright.
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