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Events and Occasions: Community Events

The emphasis that’s put on being a face in the public, and honouring fallen Firefighters, it’s just given me a whole new perspective and made me realize how truly important that sense of brotherhood, and that camaraderie, is

Firefighter Shawn Butler

Three Honour Guard bearing flags and a ceremonial axe stand in front of the WWI Memorial at Central Memorial Park. Photo is black and white.

Remembrance Day, 1991

Departmental duties are just one part of the Honour Guard’s schedule. Firefighters in the Guard volunteer their time to take part in a range of community events on behalf of the CFD. These functions are one of the key ways that the department tries to interact with the general public, and spread the word about their work and responsibilities.

Honour Guard lead a march of uniformed members at Kids Christmas Party 2015

CFD Children’s Christmas Party 2015

The tone of community events varies. For example, Remembrance Day ceremonies require the Guard to be at their very best, respecting the traditions of the unit. On the other hand, the CFD Children’s Christmas party is a little more laid back, with the Guard wearing some very festive attire for the occasion.

Honour Guard marching through the crowd seated on bleachers and on floor seats at a community parade.

Charity Magic evening, mid 1980’s

Charity is an important part of Honour Guard events. Past fundraisers include magic shows at the Saddledome, or the annual Hot Stuff evening organised by the department. Getting out into the public eye for a good cause helps to publicise the work of the CFD, and of the order and organisation of the Guard.