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Early Struggles

At first there were only 5 or 6 of us coming to the original meetings. At times we wondered if we were doing the right thing, but it sure developed into something that we’re very proud of.

Retired Rescue and Safety Officer, Dennis McIvor

Dennis McIvor, standing on lawn in front of white and blue house, dressed for Honour Guard duty, in original Number 1 dress with tie tucked in.

Guard founder, Dennis McIvor, dressed for duty.

The first few years of the Honour Guard presented many difficulties. A dedicated core of volunteers ensured that the project continued in the face of adversity, motivated by the idea of serving their colleagues with respect and distinction.

Early on, the Guard struggled to get time off for duties, and rarely ventured out of Alberta due to bureaucratic problems. Issues such as insurance, money and vehicle availability often prevented them from attending out of province funerals, stopping members from paying respects to their counterparts.

Eight guard members stand with former mayors, in suits, in front of antique fire truck and sandstone city hall.

Honour Guard with former Mayors Ralph Klein and Grant MacEwan.