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Charity and the Society Girls of Toronto – The Story of the Cradle Club of Women’s College Hospital

We cordially invite you to meet the Cradle Club of Women’s College Hospital. It is our pleasure to present you with a behind-the-scenes tour of the inner workings of this exclusive junior women’s group who, for three decades, was dedicated to improving the quality of women’s health-care in Toronto.

The Cradle Club represents a new demographic of volunteers who mobilized in Canada in the early 20th century – young women from upper class families. You will witness debutantes of the 19th century transform into society girls with a social conscience.

Whether hosting a dance in the ballroom of the famous King Edward Hotel or a holding tea and bridge game in the fashionable Arcadian Court of Simpson’s department store, the Cradle Club’s fundraising social events were always the talk of the society pages.

Throughout this exhibit, you will view charming photographs and historical memorabilia collected by the young women of the Cradle Club. You will also hear their stories and learn about the legacy of volunteering at Women’s College Hospital from its volunteers.

It will be the event of the season!

We shall be very glad to welcome you and your friends!

Yours truly,
The Cradle Club

Two smiling women hold many dolls.

Mrs. Gordon Neill and Mrs. Douglas McKnight with dolls outfitted for children of the hospital’s outpatient clinic.

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An exhibit by The Miss Margaret Robins Archives of Women’s College Hospital