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We invite you to explore the documents, images, photographs and video clips presented in the exhibit.
a black and white photo of an industrial harbourfront with white oil tanks to the left, railway lines and piles of coal in the middle and a boxcar to the right. In the right distance is Victoria Hall.
the word Cobourg appears in large green letters near the bottom with Ontario, Canada in blue beneath. Against a white background a stylized sail in blue outlines a cupola. The sail and three stylized birds, also in blue, are enclosed by a half circle blue ribbon.
blue Province of Ontario history plaque tells the story of the Cobourg and Peterborough Railway in front of a full-size replica of an 1867 ore car, not far from where the original was built
the Town of Cobourg logo with Victoria Hall cupola against the background of a multicoloured sail and the words COBOURG 2017 Come Celebrate
picnic bench sits on a green lawn in front of a two-story condominium. in the distance is a large building with cupola
a colour photograph of a sleek red and white hulled sailboat on dark blue water with two white sails against a light blue sky. flying a Canadian flag
a watercolour painting of the black profile of a steamer with four funnels and flying two red flags, among small islands.
a black and white sketch of a steamship sailing in front of a roughly drawn shoreline with lighthouse. The steamer flies two Union Jacks and has the name COBOURG on the paddlewheel covering.
A pink-wash painting of a paddlewheel steamer with two funnels, leaving a wake as it passes fortification on the shore to starboard.
a black and white wash drawing showing the hull of a large sailing ship with four man working aboard while three groups of men, mostly wearing top hats, stand and sit nearby among pieces of lumber
a black & white photo of a woman with full lips looking at the camera, with a purse under her left arm and a bowl shaped hat with large feather on her head
an outline map of Lake Ontario showing the routes of the Charlie Marshall and the Luff
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