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We invite you to explore the documents, images, photographs and video clips presented in the exhibit.
a colour photograph of a park setting with one large and a few smaller trees, three picnic benches and a walkway in the middle. In the background is brown Victoria Hall and business buildings
logo in the form of a red and white life preserver with the words PRESERVE OUR HERITAGE HARBOUR in yellow. in the centre is an image of calm blue water, a white lighthouse and three waterfowl
an outline map of the area including Cobourg, Peterborough and Blairton, showing in red the route the iron ore took from Blairton to Rochester
a colour aerial photograph of Cobourg Harbour showing a long breakwater at the bottom almost meeting the end of another pier to the right, leaving a narrow entrance into the harbour. The water is blue and inside the harbour sailboats are anchored or moored at a marina. On the shore from left to right are condominium buildings large tents erected for the Cobourg Festival and trailers parked in front of a sandy beach. In the distance are business buildings, residences and green trees.
colour photograph with large blue sign identifying the Cobourg Trailer Park and across the dirt road under trees are some vacation trailer and two cars
colour photograph of a street scene with the back and side of a piano in the foreground on a tiled sidewalk. On the side of the piano is a painting of Victoria Hall with a blue sky and on the back is a sunny harbour scene with a variety of ducks and swans in the foreground and the harbour entrance with lighthouse in the background. In front of the piano is a piano bench, at the near edge of the street is a large container of red flowers and across the street is a person taking a photograph.
a colour photograph of a mural - in the foreground to the right, in blue slightly choppy water, is a small boat with motor, two sails and two passengers. It has the initials SK on the stern, one sail is red, yellow and green and the other blue. A second, larger sailboat, without sails raised, is to the left. On shore are brown and white condominium buildings with a space between through which can be seen brown Victoria Hall topped by its cupola clock tower. There are two air vents at the top of the mural
a colour photograph showing a blue sky with the sun reflecting off many clouds and dark water. In the right foreground is a round lighthouse with red maple leaves painted around the base.
a dark black and white picture showing the stern view of a coal freighter on the left with a ramp carrying coal from the vessel and pouring it onto a huge coal pile to the right
black and white photograph of a large freighter docked along a pier in the middle with a couple of cranes on board. A second pier leads back to oil tanks on shore to the left with piles of coal and a railway car along the shore between the two piers
a colourful mural showing the current white Cobourg lighthouse to the right and a large white ferry to the left. On shore, in the distance to the left and centre, are seven large silver oil tanks and a water tower, and to the right beyond the lighthouse are a few businesses . Above them are depicted the red uniformed Cobourg Concert Band in marching formation and the Legion Bagpipe band in varied kilts
two female sand artists put the finishing touches to a large castle at blue water's edge, onlookers pause to admire the handiwork.
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