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We invite you to explore the documents, images, photographs and video clips presented in the exhibit.
a watercolour painting of a paddle wheel steamboat with two tall black funnels beside a dock leading to a warehouse. other mostly white buildings can be seen in the background
a poor quality photocopy of a photograph of five people in the stern of a boat, four seated and one standing wearing a captain's cap
black and white sketch of a homesteader standing in a small field pointing to a sailboat on a lake while looking towards a woman with a basket standing in the doorway of a log cabin. In the foreground are stumps of trees and a pile of rocks.
small wooden boat lying slightly tilted on green grass and flying Union Jack flag. It has four sets of oarlocks and four thwarts, two with holes for sail masts.
colour photograh of small crowd of adults and children waving placards on sidewalk in front of building
a logo made with a double circle of gold coloured ropes with the words Cobourg Yacht Club between, the years 1965-2015 in gold on blue at the bottom and a blue and white flag over a gold 50 on blue in the middle
in a dark blue night-time scene a sailboat lists to starboard with passengers on deck and starting to fall into the sea. Sails fore and aft are billowing.
in foreground of this panoramic photograph is blue water with many Canada geese, beyond them are deserted boat slips in icy water and on shore a large white four-story condominium building with blue roofs
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