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We invite you to explore the documents, images, photographs and video clips presented in the exhibit.
colour photograph of people lying on sandy beach with colourful umbrellas, life guard station unmanned
colour photograph from the water showing a beach with bathers in the water, multiple colourful umbrellas. To right are number of campers. In background is cupola of Victoria Hall
newspaper article with two black and white photographs, one of Captain Dan Rooney, the other of a military ship at dock with crew lined up on dock and large crowd of people behind
an old black and white photograph showing a rough wooden trestle bridge, nearby to the left and receding into the distance to the right over a lake which appears to be ice covered. A man sits on the bridge in the foreground and dimly in the distance is the other shore of the lake.
woman seated in a purple dress with white sleeves and bodice, looking over her left shoulder, brown hair in high curls. There is a picture, mostly clouds, in the left background.
coloured photograph of red bow of Cape Mercy flying Coast Guard flag with sailboats and condominiums in background
a colour photograph of a red and white vessel in open water heading toward the camera
colour photograph of man dressed in summer blue uniform standing in front of a vessel marked Canada. Beside him is a large fuel pump
A bronze coloured skeleton type key attached by wire to a key fob made of brown material stamped with the text ONTARIO CAR FERRY No. 2 10 COBOURG ONT.
a coloured etching from the Canadian Illustrated News dated February 15, 1873 with at least 20 men performing various tasks in a deep open faced mine. At the top of the mine and the centre of the etching is a large derrick help in place by multiple guy wires. Behind the derrick is a row of railway cars
four bronze statues on a patch of green grass by the shore, standing at a distance from each other, turned towards the lake, one statue has its arms raised, one statue is a stooped, another is lying on the ground
simple sketch map of Lake Ontario including illustrations of missionaries, battle, natives and river transportation. A red line has been added between Toronto (York) and Kingston with a circle indicating the location of Cobourg
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