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For It

“For It” is a term used to describe veterans of the outdoor amusement business who like the lifestyle. Bingo was certainly “for it”.

A carnival midway with many tents, rides and concessions stands, a transport truck with WCA on it can be seen, there is also a Loop-O-Plane ride visible, the background is a mountainous area with many trees

WCA Midway, Circa 1960s

Bingo knew to be successful you had to build relationships. He gave his time, energy and wisdom back to the outdoor amusement industry. Bingo built a lot of good relationships when WCA was smaller and he needed partners to bring in more equipment. Many of these partners were from the United States and worked with Bingo for years as sub-contractors.

Audio clip with transcript: “How Bingo Became Involved with Showmen’s League of America”

He was a member of social and fraternal organizations associated with the carnival, serving as President of the Royal Hawaiian Showmen’s Club, President of the Northwest Showmen’s Club and as a member of the Showmen’s League of America.

Bingo was also a member of the Outdoor Amusement Business Association, the International Association of Fairs and Exhibitions and the Canadian Association of Fairs and Exhibitions which were advocacy groups for the carnival industry. He also worked provincially with BC Fairs, the Alberta Association of Agricultural Societies and the Saskatchewan Association of Agricultural Society and Exhibitions.

Four men wearing hard hats are lifting and moving a carnival ride bucket

Safety Procedures at WCA Midway

In British Columbia, he worked closely with the B.C. Safety Board for Amusement Devices and the B.C. Electrical Task Force for the Outdoor Entertainment Business to build better carnivals.

Audio clip with transcript: “Change For the Better: WCA Saftey Regulations”

Bingo was also an honorary member of the Port Alberni Kinsmen’s Club, the place where West Coast Amusement started so many years ago.

Audio clip with transcript: “Bingo’s Passion for the Business”

Bingo lived and breathed the carnival.