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Birth of West Coast Amusements

Sometimes it pays to be in the right place at the right time. With an established winter quarters and looking to the future, Bingo and Jackie were well positioned when an opportunity came up to own their own carnival.

Carnival midway featuring a 12 bucket small Ferris wheel, a ticket sales box and tilt a whirl ride can also be seen

WCA Ferris Wheel, Circa 1960s

Royal Canadian Shows, owned by the Crawshaw family and operated out of Newton, British Columbia, were going out of business after approximately 35 years in business. Royal Canadian was an established company playing large fairs such as the Pacific National Exhibition in Vancouver, Lethbridge, Alberta and Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

Audio clip with transcript: “Starting Up West Coast Amusements”

The logo for West Coast Amusements, WCA in a horizontal oval shape with colours blue, pink, yellow and purple. A roaring lion head illustration is in the middle of the C

Logo for WCA

An old fashioned style truck with the letters WCA at the front, driving down a road

WCA ‘V-liner’ Truck, Circa 1960s

Bingo and Jackie purchased the assets of Royal Canadian Shows and formed a new carnival called West Coast Amusements. The new logo featured Simba, Bingo’s beloved lion, that helped to establish him as a showman.

West Coast Amusements played its first fair in Port Alberni, British Columbia in 1962. Bingo and Jackie spent these early years learning new aspects to the business such as developing games and concessions while still managing their animal show and raising a family. Winters were tough since profits earned were reinvested into business, and money was always tight. In order to make ends meet, Bingo would sell pots and pans, and Christmas trees, as well as deliver coal throughout the season. Everyone pitched in.

Black and white photo of a middle aged Bingo Hauser smiling and wearing a microphone headset standing beside another man, both behind a carnival game counter and larger spinning wheel is behind them

Bingo at Crown and Anchor Game, WCA