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West Coast Amusements Modern Carnival

Today, there are four generations of Hausers that operate West Coast Amusements’ three travelling units across British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan employing over 300 people.

A very tall carnival ride in the middle of a midway, at the top are people swinging around in chairs attached by lines, the ride is lit up under the night sky

WCA’s Vertigo Ride, Circa 2017

Most of the elements of the carnival are still there, just framed up for today’s society and current tastes. Rides, food and games are still the major elements of the carnival. Only the shows that once dominated the midway have disappeared.

Alien Abduction carnival ride, the ride has a round shape with a big doorway to enter inside, there are colourful lights all over the outside and colourful graphics of outer space along the bottom, the WCA lion mascot is on a sign nearby

WCA’s Alien Abduction Ride, Circa 2017

Two young boys riding a kiddie ride that is a motorcycle on a track at a carnival midway

WCA’s Hog Wild Kiddie Ride, Circa 2017

A carnival thrill ride that goes up and plunges downwards, people's leg are flailing above while seated as the ride goes up, Super Shot can be read all around the ride

WCA’s Super Shot Ride, Circa 2017

If you look at rides offered by West Coast Amusements, it’s the number of them that is surprising. There are over 100 rides to choose from. Kiddie rides designed for Kiddielands have been around since the 1930s. Vintage rides like Tilt-A-Whirls, carousels, and Ferris wheels are still popular. Spectacular rides introduced in the 1950s still tower over the midway. one-hundred-foot high swings like Vertigo, 100 foot drops like Super Shot. or Alien Abduction (which spins you fast enough to feel a G-force three times the force of gravity) are not for the faint of heart.

Food concessions blend new ideas with traditional carnival food. You can find shaved ice cream, cotton candy, candied apples, mini donuts, pretzels, pizza and snowcones to name a few. Most of the favourite carnival foods have been around for over 75 years.

A hot and soft large pretzel concession stand, also advertising corn dogs and lemonade with colourful graphics

WCA’s Pretzel Concession Stand, Circa 2017

Games of skill like darts, water guns and ball games were seen on the earliest carnival lots in the early 20th century. The popular games of chance that once dominated the concession areas were mostly gone by the time West Coast Amusement started in 1962.

A concession stand for mini donuts, also advertising hot and cold drinks, the stand has colourful graphics and cartoons all over, the sign is lit up

WCA’s Mini Donut Concession Stand, Vinyl Decal Wrap, Circa 2017