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The Mayor Goes to War

During the Second World War, Canada and Britain found in Edward Wilson, the British-born Mayor of Verdun, a man the country could count on. When Britain was at war, Verdun was at war! One way or another, every citizen had to play a role in the war effort. Mayor Wilson set the example by fully investing of himself.

Black and white photograph of two men and three women in front of a promotional display featuring various slogans and several photographs of soldiers in their daily lives.

Promotional display for the Mayor’s Cigarette Fund, furnished by Imperial Tobacco

Beige postcard with a handwritten message. The front of the postcard features the drawing of a woman in uniform wearing a ceremonial military hat, officer’s coat, pants and boots.

Thank you card from Corporal W. A. Kitching

Mayor Wilson organized several initiatives to support Canada and its soldiers overseas. One of the mayor’s most important projects was without a doubt the Mayor’s Cigarette Fund, with the goal of supplying cigarettes to soldiers from Verdun serving overseas.




Mayor Wilson also sat on many committees including the Victory Bonds Committee and Verdun’s Red Cross Committee. He threw all his support, as well as that of the City, behind groups such as the Civilian Protection Committee and the Canadian Women’s Army Corps by providing access to municipal buildings and to the resources needed to ensure their operations.

He spared no effort in promoting enlistment and took advantage of every opportunity to encourage citizens to join the Armed Forces through military parades, baseball tournaments and concerts. He even gave speeches in schools. His passion and involvement in the community brought help to many people affected by the war, such as widows and orphans.

Black and white photograph of an honour roll hung on a wall between two flags, one Canadian and one British. On the roll, 27 small rectangular plaques with the names of City employees in active service.

Honour roll of City employees in active service