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Discover the story of a community deeply involved in the war efforts, by clicking on the images and audio clips gathered in this gallery.
Portrait of six children, two girls in the middle and two boys on each side, behind a table with food, four Union Jacks and two vases of flowers. The young girls are wearing nun-like- head coverings and the boys are sporting lapel badges on their vests.
Public park with a statue of a soldier and a military aircraft.
Black and white photograph of a dirt road lined with mature trees. A farm fence runs along part of the road.
Colour topographical map, black print on beige background, with physical features of the Verdun area. The St. Lawrence River and other waterways in blue. The more densely populated areas, particularly in the east, are highlighted in orange.
Oblique black and white aerial photograph of the roads and buildings of Verdun’s most urbanized area. The streets are rectilinear and intersect at right angles.
Black and white photograph of 13 women, in two rows, in front of the Union Jack.
Black and white photograph. In the foreground, two women standing in the street dressed in uniform: a light-coloured dress with a chequered scarf worn as a bandoleir. In the background, a woman, a building and a tree.
Black and white photograph of four elegantly dressed adults: two men standing against a wooden farm fence, with two women sitting on the grass in front of them. In the background, a tree and a field.
Colour photograph of the obverse of four silver medals, with the effigy of King Georges V in profile and an inscription, attached to a short ribbon composed of seven vertical bands (bleu, black, white, orange, white, black, blue).
Black and white photograph of the Prince of Wales, wearing a suit. Standing, the prince smiles at the camera, with a crowd in the background welcoming him.
Black and white photograph of an industrial building with a corner tower, several windows on the facades and a saw-toothed roof. In the background, smoke billowing out of industrial stacks.
Colour photograph of a brass shell with a portion near the tip painted black. It is 57 cm in length, with an outside diameter of 13 cm.
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