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Please browse the gallery below for all the images, videos and audio related to Open for Business. Click on an item to see an enlarged image with description or to play the video/audio clip.
Interior of clothing store with shelving on the back wall for shoes and at left for folded shirts. One man is standing at the back of the store and another is on a ladder.
Man in suit and woman in fur coat at store entrance with “Berny’s” written in script on the window above their heads.
Store window with lettering for “Wiezel’s” – woman and man at left looking at a pair of shoes from a shoebox
Interior of shoe store with boxes of shoes on shelves along walls on either side – glass table display at centre with female clerks and customers – men in background
View of street lined with two and three storey buildings with stores at street level and signage including Bill’s Cigarette Centre, Ideal, Jack’s Men’s Shop and Harry’s Men’s Wear.
Newspaper advertisement for Dominion Food Shop headlined “Dinner Bell Ringers” over four columns of items and prices including tomatoes, 1 pound at 27 cents, strawberry jam for 99 cents, pitted dates for 22 cents a pound, prime rib roast for 49 cents per pound and two cans of tomato soup for 21 cents.
A narrow store crowded with women trying on shoes during a sale. Boxes and racks of shoes line the wall.
Man in suit seated in rocking chair in doorway to shop with wooden dresser and table in background. Shop window to left filled with objects.
This is a long, narrow shop with shelves on either side holding boxes of shoes, hosiery and shirts.
Man wearing round framed glasses and shop coat, standing in front of large cash register.
Storefront for shopping mall location of Dreskin’s Ltd. Three mannequins in short coats are arranged in the glass window with racks of clothing and customers seen inside the store.
A night-time view of the store front of Jack’s Men’s Shop with large lighted glass display windows full of clothing displayed on mannequins or stands.
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