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Please browse the gallery below for all the images, videos and audio related to Open for Business. Click on an item to see an enlarged image with description or to play the video/audio clip.
Newspaper advertisement – “Grand Department Store – North End’s Shopping Centre presents our Colossal 20th Anniversary Sale” – designed as a table with 28 squares, each with a special item.
Newspaper advertisement – “A Dream Come True! It’s Magnificent! Your New Calp’s Store on King’s Square is Ready for you!” – line drawing of store front and smaller drawings of store interior.
Interior of a ladies' wear store with four female sales clerks and one man. Dresses and coats on racks are to the left.
Exterior view of Calp’s Store with large signs over the entrance, Christmas decorations and a large line of customers outside waiting to enter.
Exterior of brick building with store at street level. The store had four display windows with a sign for Hoffman’s centred above the windows.
Entrance to ladies' wear store with full glass windows and a wide entrance. Inside the store can be seen racks of ladies’ blouses and dresses. “Dreskin’s” is printed in gold letters over the entrance.
Entrance to Sun Ray convenience store with two large glass windows and doorway.
Metal shoehorns from several Saint John stores – Wiezel’s, Fine’s, Margolian’s, Lubin’s and the Ideal Store.
Two boxes and a paper shopping bag – a square red handkerchief box, a suit box from Dreskin’s and paper prescription bag from Selick’s Drug Store.
Four sheets of letterhead – for Dreskin’s Ltd., Ben’s Shoes and Furnishings, Fairville Department Store and Grand Department Store.
Museum exhibit with handwritten ledger book and small case of sewing machine parts.
Desktop sized wooden sign for Princess Dress Shop.
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