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The St. Lawrence River: business or pleasure?

The fifth and sixth generations of Desgagnés are a staple of Quebec’s maritime economy. With some still working for Groupe Desgagnés, sailing on board its sea behemoths. Journeys to Northern Quebec and Canada are baked into their DNA, with the taste for adventure and salt water still running in their veins. They are the last of a long line of fighters, adventurers and risk takers. Whether by duty or by passion, at sea or in thought, the Desgagnés sail wherever their destiny takes them, never straying too far from the St. Lawrence, the majestic river they will forever cherish and respect.

View of the St. Lawrence River at sunset. In the foreground, a section of train track and some bushes. In the background, a body of water with pink reflections. A few clouds speckle a pink and blue sky. There are mountains visible in the distance.

The bay in Saint-Joseph-de-la-Rive



Project direction : Marie Anne Rainville
Project management, research and writing : Catherine Melançon
Scientific review : Hubert Desgagnés
Graphic design and translation : Alexandre Payer
Artifact photograpy : René Bouchard

Thanks to all the consultants and volunteers whose hard work has been essential to this project: France Belzil, Danielle Bouchard, Fernand Desgagnés, Martin Desgagnés, Michel Desgagnés, Sylvain Desgagnés, Yvan Desgagnés, Yves Desgagnés, Aline Lépine Melançon and Pierre Melançon.

Many images contained in this exhibition come from the collections of the families of Maurice and Roger G. Desgagnés, as well as the J.A.Z Desgagnés collection of the Musée maritime de Charlevoix.