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Welcome to the gallery of the exhibit Advance with Courage. If you want to see an image in full size, all you need to do is click on it.
Black and white photo of distant farm buildings and some trees with a lake in the lower-left corner.
Black and white photo of the front and side of a one-storey house with a wrap-around verandah. A woman is standing on the verandah waving.
Black and white photo of a group of men and women leaving a small church.
Black and white photo of a horse and wagon with four people in front of a house.
Black and white photo of two men, a girl, two dogs and dead birds on a porch. The man on the right is holding a rifle.
Set of three black and white photos, each with a small log building. The first one is a small log house with a man in the doorway, the center one is a larger gable roof log house, and the third is the largest painted log house.
Black and white photo of three men and a woman in a field. The man second from the left is on one knee planting fir trees.
Set of four faded photos. One is of chickens in front of a barn; one is of pigs in a field; one is of cabbages; and one of part of a wooden building in a field.
Black and white photo of a young coastal city with the ocean and mountains in the background. Early one and two storey buildings, a large empty lot and roads are in the foreground.
Watercolour of a one-storey white house with a red roof and a smaller house to the left with hills and trees in the background.
Black and white round photo of a hallway, several chairs, and a carpet runner.
A circular watercolour of a small steamboat on a lake at sunset with hills behind.
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