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Welcome to the gallery of the exhibit Advance with Courage. If you want to see an image in full size, all you need to do is click on it.
Ink drawing of a farm gate framed by two trees with a forest behind.
Black and white train photo of part of a passenger car and flatbed car with people standing on It, with a building behind.
Black and white portrait of an older bearded man, dressed in a suit with a big bow tie.
Old fashioned advertisement for Fruit Farms for Sale at Okanagan Mission.
Black and white photo of three snow-covered dramatic peaks with a mirrored lake in front.
Early advertisement for the first Kodak box camera with logo You press the button, we do the rest.
First Kodak box camera, with a case, and a framed photo
Set of three drawings showing early rustic log cabins with prairie settlers in front.
Ink drawing of a long 1890 steamship with four masts, named S.S. Parisian.
Silver family crest on a red background of two lions flanking shields with the motto Advance With Courage above.
Colour photo of the remaining front wall of the ruins of a stone building.
Black and white photo with expansive view from the top of a hill looking across the valley with its fields and treed areas.
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