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Welcome to the gallery of the exhibit Advance with Courage. If you want to see an image in full size, all you need to do is click on it.
Black and white photo of fencing, white tents, one house, several small buildings, people and horses in a valley.
Sepia photo of a formal portrait of the upper body of a man looking to the left.
Black and white photo of ranch land with cows. There are three wagons and horses with riders on a road.
Black and white photo of three small wooden industrial buildings next to a road, with hills behind.
Black and white photo of a gravel road with commercial buildings on each side. Crossing the road is an evergreen Welcome sign.
Colour photo of farm fencing with a sign and fields with a cow and four barns.
Colour photo, a group of people standing on the verandah. A woman in the middle is speaking into a microphone.
Colour photo of a road with large overhanging trees with an opening at the end of the lane.
Black and white photo of three men outside. Two are in suits and the man to the right is pointing a walking stick. The man in the centre is wearing a cassock and holding a hat.
Black and white photo of a family sitting on a verandah. One man, two women, one girl, and three boys each looking at an apple in their hand.
Black and white photo of a one and a half storey building set into a hill. The lower back of the building has a stone foundation and barn doors.
Black and white photo of a man standing at the back of a flatbed wagon loaded with boxes of fruit.
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