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Welcome to the gallery of the exhibit Advance with Courage. If you want to see an image in full size, all you need to do is click on it.
Black and white photo of twelve men and women in an orchard, displaying boxes of apples and picking bags.
Black and white photo of a train, engine with passenger car and a building behind.
Black and white photo of the front and side of a one-storey house with a wrap-around verandah with a field in front.
Black and white close up photo of a man and woman in formal clothes posing in front of a window.
Black and white formal photo of a Victorian era family, a man, a woman, four children and a dog. Two of the boys are in kilts.
Black and white hand-drawn map of lot sections and roads.
Book cover of Lady Aberdeen's 1893 book, Through Canada with a Kodak, with an oval photo of a ship sailing out of the Vancouver harbour
Ink drawing of a lake and a large spit of land with trees and a large house perched at the top of the hill.
Colour photo of a one-storey building with a large, wraparound enclosed porch. Curving walkways surround the building.
Black and white photo of a large crowd of well-dressed people at two-storey train station with a stationary train on the right. In the crowd, there are horses and carriages.
Black and white photo of rows of mature hops fields.
Black and white photo of a young fruit orchard with the valley hills in the background.
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