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Welcome to the gallery of the exhibit Advance with Courage. If you want to see an image in full size, all you need to do is click on it.
Black and white photo of a girl and a young boy riding bicycles near a house.
Black and white photo of the front and side of a two-storey house with a wrap-around verandah and balcony. There are two children standing in front of the house.
Black and white photo of teepee like thin logs standing on end in a plowed field.
Black and white photo of rows of low crops running towards the hills in the background. There are two horses with three men plowing the fields.
Black and white photo of a man, a girl, and a younger boy standing on the house steps casually holding rifles.
Watercolour of a lake with the trees and hills on the far shore.
Black and white postcard of a large paddlewheeler with two decks and smoke billowing from the stack.
A drawn advertisement with man in the sunny Okanagan with fruit trees saying 'Come in out of the Cold' to the person in warm clothes with a bag of money.
Black and white photo of farm fencing in front of barns and trees with distant hills.
Old fashioned advertisement for the sale of fruit farms in the Okanagan Valley
Black and white photo of view of two lakes with a narrow isthmus with low hills in the distance.
Black & white photo of a young fruit trees. A one-storey house and farm buildings are visible in the background.
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