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Please browse the gallery below for all the images, videos and audio related to When World War II Came to Bell Island, Newfoundland. Click on an item to see an enlarged image with description or to play the video/audio clip.
Photo showing ore loading pier on Bell Island surrounded by anti-torpedo netting
Wooden nameplate from Lord Strathcona shipwreck
brass ship's bell inscribed with Rose Castle, 1915, Liverpool
old upright piano from P.L.M. 27
Circular metal locking ring from German G7e torpedo
brass navigational compass recovered from shipwreck
a brass ship's sextant on the Rose Castle shipwreck
Diver holds a wet brass sextant while another man looks on smiling
informal potrait of U-boat commander in working uniform
five German Navy U-boat badges and medals
three people sitting at a table covered in photographs
Two people standing in front of a stone monument
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